Today's threat landscape demands that you have all the available tools in your arsenal. Whether you are using commercial, custom or open source tools, SentryWire is your platform. SentryWire, through the use of the Application Node has been instrumented to many of the leading commercial, open source and custom visualization and analytical solutions.

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With SentryWire's Application Node and our RESTful API you can instrument to the world's leading commercial, open source and custom visualization platforms including 3D interfaces that allow security engineers to isolate anomalous activity. SentryWire's instrumentation to existing tools provides log correlation and aggregation visualization solutions with fast and seamless access to metadata logs.


Pre-Analytics and real-time filtering, with a RESTful API allowing for integration with existing analytic tools and platforms. We've learned that with big data, you just don't point analytic tools at large data sets and expect deep insights to spring out, SentryWire uses BPF syntax and primitives to filter large amounts of data down to a very manageable size so that customers can run additional tools, such as ELSA, SPLUNK, ArcSight... to uncover deeper insights regarding potential threats.

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