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Carrier-Grade Packet Capture Solutions

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Fast Capture Speed

Capture speeds from 1Mbps to +1Tbps. We guarantee the best lossless capture performance on the market. Our capture rates, as well as the rates we move the packets around inside the appliance and the cluster nodes, have been architected and engineered to continuously capture, even the burstiest traffic. We can scale to the fastest current market bandwidths (100Gbps to +1Tbps) and our architecture will continue to grow with network bandwidth capabilities.

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Massive Storage Capacity

Imagine a Hadoop like architecture that is engineered to scale out compute and storage to provide the fastest search in the industry even in packet stores of 100PB's. The SentryWire system has high-speed packet recording with real-time analytics, visualization, and BPF-syntax filters. The system detects intrusions, minimizes damage caused by breaches and enables complete packet level analysis of any incident.

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Powerful & Fast Search

Search Petabytes of Network Traffic in minutes. Because of our architecture, we scale search when we scale compute and storage, meaning that our searches occur over smaller data stores, dramatically increasing search results. Searches often produce a very large PCAP file that we tranche down to digestible bites so that search results are streamed almost immediately and don't bog down the network. Our search is incredibly fast!

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Visualization & Analytics

With SentryWire's Application Node and our RESTful API you can instrument to the world's leading commercial, open source and custom visualization platforms including 3D interfaces that allow security engineers to isolate anomalous activity. SentryWire's instrumentation to existing tools provides log correlation and aggregation visualization solutions with fast and seamless access to metadata logs.

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