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SentryWire, a Division of Alliance Technology Group, is engineered and architected to be the most efficient packet capture solution on the planet. Virtually all of the existing packet capture solutions were conceived from the perspective of solving an analytics, visualization, forensics or reporting problem, then and only then, bolting on a packet capture capability.

Not us. We started from the premise that packet capture should be commoditized, affordable, easy to integrate and usable by multiple roles within an enterprise.

It truly is the Next-Gen packet capture tool and network security platform that is based on a unique capture and storage architecture which breaks the performance, scalability and expense barriers of existing frameworks. The system supports capture rates from 1Mbps to 100Gbps, while providing real-time filtering and allowing retention of network traffic for weeks, months and even years at price points that can be as little as 20% of the cost of other systems.


Alliance Technology Group is a leading Systems Integrator and IT Solutions company with a team of highly skilled practitioners, specializing in IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and Professional Services. To our Customers in the private and public sectors, we have become the trusted partner to cost-effectively and reliably harness the full potential of the Cloud. Alliance's Converged Infrastructure solutions transform IT Technology silos into interoperable shared pools of resources - servers, storage and network connectivity. Alliance Divisions include, Pliant Platforms, PliantCloud, Vigilant Platforms and SentryWire.

Our Core Competencies Include:

- IT Infrastructure
- Purpose Built Engineered Systems
- Cloud Computing, Public & Private
- Cyber & Risk Security
- Unified Network Communications
- Data Center Services
- Managed Services
- OpenStack Scale Out Solutions