Incident Response Tool - SentryWire Packet Capture Tool

Incident Response


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Unlogged Activity Detection

In conjunction with enterprise log correlation tools (Splunk, ELSA, LogRhythm, etc.), quickly detect and sessionize network activity that may have been removed from log buffers prior to being written to disk.

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Data Exfiltration Detection

Log exfiltrated files with 5-Tuple indexing and hash details for comparing data, taking actions and retrieving sessionized PCAPs for forensics.

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Phishing Preparation Detection

Detect and log all URLs traversing the network, from targeted phishing emails to web traffic, and alert when internal traffic accesses those URLs, automatically sessionizing the corresponding traffic for human validation and remediation.

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Malware Infiltration Detection

Detect, Classify and Extract objects (files, URLs, IP Addresses, etc.) in real-time to inspect and take appropriate actions to enrich cyber investigations and generate alerts.

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Indicators & Signatures Alerting

Multi-level signature and behavior event session search and logging, with visualization through DPI visualizer. Configure groupings of signature and unusual behavior alerts dynamically while in the fight, while real-time IDS alerting generates event logs for HTTP, Files, DNS, email, user agents, TLS/SSL, VoIP – all automatically correlated with PCAP and IPFIX flow records.


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