SentryWire partners with the leading security solution providers to extend the power of our Packet Capture Platform. This ecosystem of partner technologies includes governance, risk compliance management platforms, intrusion detection systems, behavior based solutions, hardware and OS providers, other security and industry solutions.

Featured Partners


Gigamon with their GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform instrumented with SentryWire's Packet Capture Solution gives enterprises broad visibility into their traffic and control over how that traffic is handled on an extremely granular level. In the event of a security incident, forensic analysts can review and investigate the traffic history in order to pinpoint an attacker's entry point, identify the malware used and uncover what data was exfiltrated.


Short of securely rewriting all of the binary underpinnings of an application from scratch, Virsec ARMAS is the only cyber security solution that imposes deterministic (non-signature-based) runtime control flow integrity on all layers of an application. This powerful new security enforcement approach enables it to detect and remediate both zero-day attacks and attacks against known vulnerabilities within milliseconds of an initial attack or attempted infiltration.

Such an early warning counter offensive system not only enables organizations to stop the cyberattacks proactively, but now in combination with SentryWire, produces a detailed, near-real time trace of the actual traffic involved in the attack. It gives organizations the ability to eliminate business disruption and collect evidentiary quality audit logs and forensics.


Avaya and SentryWire team up to protect your Everywhere-Perimeter. In the past, the hard edges of the firewall were enough to protect an organization against outside access. Today, supporting Internet of Things (IoT), visitors and remote workers, personal devices, and more have fragmented the traditional network perimeter. These trends make it nearly impossible to determine where the organization's perimeter lies... Is it the branch? The campus edge? A user device? An IoT device? An external cloud? An internal cloud? The answer is that there is no longer a rigid perimeter; there is only an everywhere-perimeter. Learn how to protect your everywhere-perimeter.

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Based on ThreatSTOP’s IP Defense cloud security service, the joint solution leverages a comprehensive threat intelligence engine containing real-time threats aggregated from nearly 60 unique threat intelligence feed sources. The engine utilizes both human security analysis and proprietary algorithms to curate, sanitize, and remove false positives. This comprehensive understanding of the fast-moving threat landscape allows for accurate and automated identification of threats present in network traffic entering or leaving the network perimeter.

Unlike other tools that only integrate into a SIEM, are highly prone to false positives, or notify you of threats hours, days, or even months after they occurred, the SentryWire and ThreatSTOP solution alerts on real-time packet traffic where the source or destination IP address is known to be currently malicious. These alerts can be indicative of external attacks in progress, or threats that have bypassed firewall, IDS/IPS, web filter and endpoint security, and are attempting outbound communication with criminal C2 infrastructure. Joining ThreatSTOP with SentryWire produces a detailed, near-real time trace of the actual traffic involved in the attack - giving organizations the ability to respond to threats faster, eliminate business disruption, collect evidentiaryquality audit logs and conduct detailed forensic investigations.