Gain Full Visibility into your Network Traffic, Past & Present

SentryWire is a Next-Generation Packet Capture Tool and Network Security Platform that is based on a unique capture and storage architecture which breaks the performance, scalability and expense barriers of existing frameworks. SentryWire supports capture rates from 1Mbps to 100Gbps, while providing real-time filtering and allowing retention of network traffic for weeks, months and even years at price points that can be as little as 20% of the cost of other systems.
SentryWire Packet Capture

move your Enterprise to a higher level of security with SentryWire's innovative Capabilities


Full Packet Capture

Capturing just Metadata does not
produce a high fidelity record of Traffic.


Fast Search

Search Petabytes of
Network Traffic in Minutes.


Extended Timeline

Network Traffic Stored for
Weeks, Months or Years.


Capture Speed

From 1Mbps to 100Gbps.


Intrusion Detection

Present day intrusion
detection limits breaches.


Visualization & Analytics

3D Visualization + Integrated Commercial, Open Source and Custom Analytics.

SentryWire, Gain Visibility

On average it takes 147 days to detect a breach in your network. Most companies only store 4 days of packets on average, that leaves you with 143 days of no visibility into what was happening on your network during the breach. The SentryWire Packet Capture Tool and Network Security Platform will provide you with visibility into your network and not leave you in the dark when a breach has occurred.

SentryWire provides you with full visibility into your network traffic, past and present.


UT/JICS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Victor Hazlewood, Chief Operating Officer at UT/JICS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, adds SentryWire to his Defense & Depth Strategy.


UT/JICS at Oak Ridge National Labs & SentryWire, partner to develop an
Instrument for Situational Network Awareness for Real-Time & Long-Term Data, iSNARLD.