SentryWire Application Node

SentryWire Application Nodes are designed to extend the functionality of SentryWire packet capture appliances to provide a single source of truth for both SOC and NOC teams to quickly address threats and problems. Our Open Architecture API allows you to use your existing security and performance monitoring tools specific to your environment. SentryWire’s App Nodes are configurable to meet any type of workflow or security requirement and have been built to be extensible and tailorable utilizing our API.

Perform a deep dive investigation to a single node or your entire network to determine the root cause or accurately tune any signature faster by utilizing almost any commercial or open source security application. Triage alerts from 3rd party systems efficiently and validate malicious activity with SentryWire’s high fidelity logs based on the network packets themselves and fully sessionized PCAP’s.

SentryWire Application Node Diagram 1 493 x 293 1.png

SentryWire’s Application Node integrates with an endless choice of security and performance monitoring tools and an endless array of applications that can provide real-time analytics of live or recorded traffic. SentryWire’s industry standard RESTful API allows for easy integration to any commercial, custom or open source application. SentryWire has partnered with many of the leading commercial and open source security tools, some of our partners include, BluVector, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, Gigamon and many more.


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In addition, SentryWire has also been instrumented to and utilizes the leading open source security tools, some of these tools are:

  • ELK Stack

  • Suricata


  • ELSA



  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework


  • PADS


  • Network Miner

  • WireShark

  • Nagios and others

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