SentryWire's Next-Generation Security Platform will provide your organization with a Higher Level of Security Awareness regardless of whether you are just starting the journey to secure your network or if you already have a mature network defense strategy in place. Companies today are under attack and many are not equipped with the tools to protect against persistent threats from individuals or state sponsored network infiltrators - SentryWire gives you the tools necessary to take control.

Are you getting the most from your expensive Analytic Tools?

If you are like most companies, the answer is no. Today's intrusion detection systems analyze the network traffic in real-time based on known signatures an heuristic-based detection. However, such tools are unable to discover all previously unknown malicious network traffic such as zero-day or next-generation attacks. When a new anomaly is identified, what is needed is the ability to rewind the tape to determine if this new signature infiltrated your network in the past month, six months or year.

SentryWire provides weeks, months and even years of network traffic so you can look at the past to determine if you have been breached by newly identified signatures. SentryWire allows you to integrate weeks, months or even years of network data with your current tools, making your existing systems much more operationally effective while creating greater value for the investments you have already made.

Do you have all the Analytic Tools you need?

If you are like most companies the answer is no, unless you have an unlimited budget you cannot afford every tool available. SentryWire comes integrated with the acclaimed Open Source "Security Onion," an extremely powerful set of analytic tools that can replace of supplement your current systems with no additional operational costs for licensing fees.

Do your Analytic Tools provide the insight you need to protect your assets?

If you are like most companies, the answer is no. Sifting through mountains of data to find anomalies is a trade craft best left to advanced Cyber Analysts, but unfortunately, there is not an endless supply of trained and experienced technicians available. Current tools just don't provide the visualization needed to quickly gain insights into the voluminous amount of data crossing your network. SentryWire filters and reduces the 300,000 sq. foot Hay Stack to 1,000 sq feet and comes integrated with the latest open source and 3D visualization software to quickly gain insights into your data. SentryWire's filtering, workflow, visualization and capacity, all work together to progress your network security personnel to a much higher level of network security, efficiency and effectiveness.

Are you spending your security budget dollars wisely?

If you are like most companies, the answer is no. Many tools today charge by the amount of data analyzed/ingested and although these tools provide benefits, most companies don't have the budget to point several layers of expensive tools at all of their data. SentryWire's open source tool set allows you to reduce the data to a much smaller, more workable data file size which can then be ingested by your existing tool set, allowing you to significantly reduce your cost to analyze a much larger set of data.

How good is your security posture?

If you are like most companies your security posture is not at a level that protects your company from attacks. Many companies struggle on how to invest dollars to provide the highest level of production. SentryWire is the Next-Gen Platform that can take your company to a Higher Level of Security regardless of where you are in the Maturity Model and can do it at a fraction of the cost previously thought possible.

Have you already been breached?

Unfortunately, if you are like most companies, the answer is yes. Organizations spend millions of dollars per year on layers of network defense mechanisms and they still get breached. So, if you can't stop all the perpetrators from getting in, you need to decide what to do once they take up residency in your network.

If you want to take control, you need to have a recording of the network traffic from the point in time the breach occurred, which on average is 147 days. Having a record of the network traffic will allow you to perform analysis and implement an incident response to take the advantage away from the threat actors. SentryWire captures, filters, indexes and time stamps the traffic, compresses it from 5x to 30x enabling weeks, months and even years of packets to be analyzed at costs that are an order magnitude less expensive than competitive solutions.

Can you get answers quickly after a breach is detected?

  • When they got in?
  • Who got in?
  • Where they went?
  • What they took?
  • Are they still in?
  • Can they get back in?

It is almost impossible to answer these questions if you don't have the data to analyze.

Let's say you are currently scanning for 3 known "signatures" and you learn of an additional signature, let's call it #4. If you are like most companies, you only have 4 days of packets stored. If signature #4 got into your network 200 days ago, how are you ever going to find out how the perpetrators got into your network? How are you going to know what data they saw, or determine what data was exfiltrated?

Have you done everything possible to ensure your company does not show up in the news?

If you are like most companies, the answer is no. Most companies find out something very disruptive has happened by accident (i.e. when the ex-filtration patch breaks something and your help desk takes a call that it's not working) or by an external source (i.e. when the FBI calls your CEO to say that they've seen your company's confidential information being traded on a black market exchange or internet site). If you only have 4 days of network traffic, you have no way of finding when #4 got into your network or to authoritatively determine what was stolen. Without a recording of the traffic, you can't answer the tough questions from the Board, the CEO, the CIO or the Executive Staff of your business or agency. SentryWire provides weeks, months or even years of network traffic data so that you can quickly answer the Who, What, Where, When and How.

Implementing SentryWire is a great step towards allowing you to address the challenges faced by every organization trying to defend their network, all the while providing enhanced value for the time and money you have already invested in layers of network security infrastructure.